Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kitty Surprize

My husband called the store last night while I was teaching class and I was left the message of it was a 'man emergency'. He found 4 kittens by our deck. He said when I called their eyes were barely opened. So I fretted they'd never make it without a mama.
By the time I got home the number grew to 5 and I was happily suprized to see they were well past weaning. (some of their eyes are icky so maybe he thought they just opened??) So I cleaned up all the eyes and gave them lovings and food and made a warm spot out on deck for them. They are extremely tame so waiting to see if they were just dropped off, if the mama is still near or if wandered down from a neighbors house. In the meantime, I'll treasure their presense. I've been told NO as I have 3 cats now but I can be creatively pursuasive. =)
Speaking a animals in need................our Paws for a Cause were dropped off at the store yesterday. So you can once again buy a paw ornament for your tree and the money goes to help the EC animal shelter.

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