Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days? I think we all have. I had originally came up with the idea for this card due to my grandmother. She is very fussy over her lawn and she had gotten new neighbors last summer who did not rake their leaves. All the leaves would blow into gma's lawn and she'd have to pay to have someone rake and bag them. Well, my gma is quite feisty and we email each other everyday and I could tell she was getting more and more agitated. She was starting to speak of cutting the limbs off their trees. So I whipped up a card for her with the cat behind bars but it had a coupon on the inside for a 'Get out of Jail Free" pass and to call me when she needed bail. I think I had just as much fun making the card as she did receiving it. She still jokes that she has it.
That is another great reason for making cards....not only is it fun and a stress reducer can customize for those rare occasions that Hallmark just isn't going to have a card for.
Supplies: Judith stamps, Tombow markers, May Arts ribbon, CS, photo anchor and just cut the hole for the jail window and thin strips of cardstock for the bars.

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