Friday, April 2, 2010

New addition

Goodmorning. Anyone who has been following my blog knows I have had a few sparatic visits from kittens over the winter months. Started with 5 and then has been down to 2. We discovered its the neighbors kittens and they are 'just' outdoor cats and not worthy of medicines, etc.  So I have been feeding when I have seen them and such.
Well now I have officially adopted this one. She has been at our place for past month and my husband finally broke down (or I wore him down) and said OH! Fine! Go get it its shots and fixed.  My little inner tail feathers were doing a rapid victory dance.
So now she has a good home and gets plenty of lovings. She is such a purrpuss too. You just touch her and she purrs. All my cats are males and I live in a house with all males so now I will have another female on my side. lol
Ramsey saw one of the other kittens last weekend and it breaks my heart to say he called me at work to tell me it is walking on a broken foot.  Sounds like it has been broken for awhile and has learned to walk on it that way. (so don't be surprized if I end up rescueing yet another kitten) To me...all cats should be pampered and if I won the lottery........I'd have a Cat Sanctuary..big cats and little.
Hug your cat today =)

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