Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our "My Minds Eye" guys

Here is some smiley faces to put to the names we mention all the time. Cam is on the right and he has been our go-to guy at My Minds Eye. You may recall the great donation he did for our  last years Scrap Pink?  And giving us a guest spot on their blog. Well Cam is moving up and Jake will be our new go-to guy. (left)
Since we order almost everything My Minds Eye releases......I get a lot of phone time with them.

With each new post I will give you more faces and stories from CHA. We picked up some new companies I am very excited to get in.  And yesterday we ALREADY got a shipment from an order placed at CHA. Wow!

The new release of My Minds Eye was placed just before CHA so I'd be sure to get in the store before the pile up of orders placed at CHA.  Orders are always slowed way down after huge trade shows, as you can imagine when they have everyone placing orders at one time.
So watch for the entire huge huge collection of "Lost & Found" hitting our store in about 2 weeks. There are several collections under this category so a lot of lovliness for us to drool over.

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