Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cosmos and Cricket

Our little mascots got a new home to play in yesterday. I brougt a cage from home to transfer them to so I can clean the wheel in the new cage. Instead of using it as a exercise wheel...they have been sleeping in it and it does not snap apart for easy cleaning. I ran to the pet store the day before to buy an extra wheel but nope...not sold separate. The guy had no solutions for me either. My oh my they have came a long ways in hamster 'stuff' since I last had one. There is a princess carriage with the wheel in center and sports car with wheel in center. A person could drop a bundle in these cute little critters!!
I bought some extra attachments and was hoping to block off the path to where wheel goes so I can clean it. (germ freak here) But that didn't work either. urgh.  So now I just brought my cage from home and when I put them in there they ran around for 2 hours checking everything out. In and out and up and down. The photo is blurry since they weren't still for a second. Maybe I can 'train' them to actually sleep in the bedding before I transfer them back to the other cage.
They greet me every morning when I get to work. Both sit by the door with paws on it looking at me. Feed me. Feed me. Little sweethearts.

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