Monday, September 26, 2011

New addition to the family

This is the newest addition to the Jacobs residence.  We had 3 feral kittens show up a couple weeks ago. And being the cat lover that I am.....I tried every chance I got to get close to them to touch them. After a week of my son and I trying, we were finally able to touch 2 of the 3 while they were eating. But if they glanced around and saw us.....poof!! Gone. This little black one was the most scared and wouldn't even let us get within 10 feet of it. No momma cat ever came so I assume something happened to her.
    And meanwhile I was in the process of loosing my grandma who has been on hospice for 8 months. Her funeral was last Friday.  She was my gma, mom and best friend all rolled into one. Well when we got back from Illinios the only kitten remaining was the black one. So coyote or something got the other 2. But now this teeny kitten who wouldn't let us even near it came right up to me and meowed and I held her and she purred. Thats Gods hand. So my husband groaned and said "Go get its shots".   =)  He has said no more cats but I am up to 4. lol. 
   So she is named after my grandma....her middle name was Lucille so here is our little Lucy.  The 2 indoor cats too right to her..........which is not normal either. the outside cat does not like sharing our back deck with Lucy at all. But he will come around in time.

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