Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mini Magnolia

Goodmorning.  This card is from a class I taught last week....I had a gal from Canada and a gal from Ladysmith in class that night. It just amazes me how far people travel for our classes. we are truely blessed.
I love the mini mags and do not get to play with them very much so I had to sneak one into my Copic Fun class so I could play with it. ha 
These stamps come unmounted and I used Tack-n-Peel and pick a Acrylic Block that will be specifically for my unmounted stamps and adhere the takc-n-peel to the block. It has a protective cover so I just remove and adhere the stamp. Then remove stamp and put protective cover back on it. Works pretty darn slick!!

Copics used: T3, T7, R35, E02, E93, E31, Y11, B91, B93

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