Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sassy & Maddie

                                                               Maddie & Sassy
                                            Selena is the proud new mom of these sweets siblings!!

Been a little hectic at the store so sorry I have not posted in a couple weeks. Between all the events at the store and rocking this kitty adoption....I have not had time to post on this blog.  I am very happy that we are able to really help the animal shelter find homes for 5 kitties so far. It's exciting and I love knowing we have helped find these cats their forever homes.

Sassy here gave hugs and I miss his huge hugs. He was quite the "Garfield" type cat. They both were major snuggle bugs and since mine are all anti-snuggle at home.....I loved giving them lovings at the store.

We had the Customer Craft fair. That went well and I even started carrying the Goats milk soap from one of the vendors. They are local and their soap was very popular at the fair. So be sure to smell all the wonderful scents the next time you are in. Goats milk soap is great for your skin as well!

We have the annual Customer Thrift Sale next weekend already. So mark your calendars for that to come and shop for some wonderful bargains.

And the Bus Trip is May 11th. A day of fun, food and friends and you do not want to miss this. So be sure to call and reserve your spot today. (715)830-9555

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