Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kitty News

 Our current resident at PT for Adoption: Orchid  10 wks old
 Orchid, Gladiola and Clover are siblings and the 2 tabbies got adoption papers approved on them right away. We get to 'kitty sit' though until the 30th since the couple had a vacation scheduled.
And little Stevie (now Elsie) was adopted very shortly after she was brought to her temporary home here at Picture This. It has been such a treat to have kittens for a change. We usually get the older and more challenging cats to help the shelter find homes for. And it has been working so that is great. I LOVE being able to help one kitty at a time (or in 2 cases......2 kitties at a time =) )

You can keep up on the cats on our facebook page just for them.  Picture This Kitty Adoption Tails.

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