Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Adoption day for Clyde

It was bittersweet the day he went to his forever it has been with each one since. They are suppose to be able to pick the cats up at PT once they have done all their paperwork and paid ECCHA the adoption fees. But someone messed up and we had to run Clyde to the shelter. Lisa took him and she said he immediately got all snarly when she got tot the shelter. He was a big sweety here. So this just proves what I tell everyone get to see more of their true personalities here. I wouldn't be happy to be at the shelter either with lots of other cats and dogs. So it really does give these cats a better chance being visable at the store.
As we wrapped up 2013 we finished with helping the shelter adopt out 14 cats.  We currently have Taquito and Carlita awaiting their forever home.

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