Sunday, June 1, 2014

Page in Progress

 I used the Tim Holtz distresser tool to shred the edges. Gives it a shabby chic quality. And you will notice I cut the centers our of all my mattings. This save weight in your scrapbook and I don't have to buy an entire other sheet for my accents. All the flowers were cut from the inserts.
 I wanted the branch to stay up in spots for a more dimensional look so I put half a pop dot under the area I wanted to stay raised.
 I do my flower assembly on the splat mat. That way it doesn't matter that the excess glue will stick to something it shouldn't. Then when you are ready you just peel off the mat and scrap the dried glue into the trash.
And poof! You have a pretty page. Tomorrows post will be same papers/flowers....different design.

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