Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day Lily Montage

 We have an exclusive paper at Pictue This of local areas that I am super pumped about. I will be sharing them as I get to play with them. Meanwhile, I did get to get a sample made yesterday for McRice from one of their 2 new Montages. We will have them at Picture This exclusively until January...then they start selling to other stores. This is one of the photos off from one of their new Montages. I made a sample to send to them and a sample for the store.
 On this one I used a scrap of ribbon that had shimmer so I added Stickles to the butterfly diecut.
On this one which is a sample for the store...I added brand new colored twine we just got in this week. And then 3 drops of yellow liquid pearls. Beautimous!!

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