Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Furrbabies

 I know there is a little girl out there that follows my blog and is having kitty withdrawl. So thought I share some kitty photos to make her day. (smile McKenna)
This is my Sassy Siamese Diablo. He is getting cranky in his old age but still a sweety pie.
 This is Mini Might. My husband brought her home a year ago. She is a curious little stinker. Into everything. We have had to put baby locks on our cabinets to keep her out. And she hauls stuffed animals from the basement up 2 flights of stairs that are bigger then her. I think it's a game to her because I will carry them back to my boys room....and the next day she will have hauled them right back up.
 This is the ever famous Lucy. (Lucifur) She was feral and chose me. God send her to the right home because no one else would put up with her and I love her to death. She hisses at everyone but me. I have numerous scratches/scars all over my from her bipolar mood swings. Thankfully her and Mini get along great so they can tear through the house and wear one another out.  Lucy has her favorite ball that she will play fetch with.
And finally, my gentle soul Shadow.  He is so quite and sweet, never meow for anything. He has his favorite spots in the house and every once in awhile will come to me for lovings. 
My husband built a Catio a few years ago and they all love being outside in that.

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