Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Goodmorning. I hope everyones Christmas went well, you had time to spend with family and friends, it was safe and you didn't catch the flu going around. 
The hamsters had some excitement their 1st day at my house but all is well. My naughty Siamese managed to get the white one out of his cage so my husband and I were on the chase to rescue it from the cat in hot pursuit.  So then I tucked their cages in a separate room for the weekend and kept the door shut. Never a dull moment. I told the PT gals someone else gets to take them home this weekend but we ALL have pets.

If you look closely at the top photo.......that is actually the hamster that WAS brown when it was given to us a month and half ago!! I am told winter hamsters turn white. And he is. It was a fun process to watch and happened in a matter of days.  The white one (Cosmos) is an attention hog. He is always by his door as shown in photo when I enter the room as if pleading....hold me..hold me. He is quite comical.

The next posting will be back to crafts. I took some projects home over the weekend to work on so I will post as I finish.

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