Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow! Snow! And more Snow!!!

I think I jinxed us with my previous 'snowflake' post.  We got hit with a record breaking blizzard in Wisconsin over the weekend. We have not had that much snow at one time in over 100 years. I know Tom and I shoveled all day Saturday trying to keep up with it. We'd start at the top and by time we got to the bottom.....the top had 2-3 inches again. Urgh. Then Sunday morning we had another 4 to shovel off agian. 
I hope you all were tucked in safe and perhaps got to do some fun creating. 

Our PT 12 Days of Christmas starts today. Be sure to check the store blog or like us on Facebook for the daily special announcement. Todays is 25% off your entire regular priced purchase.

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