Monday, July 11, 2011


Happy Monday!! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We took a quick overnight trip up north last weekend. We hit my favorite spot in Hayward on the way up to Duluth. I love the Wilderness Park in Hayward. Best time to get there is right at opening so all the deer are there to feed and pet.  Lets see...we got to pet deer, bunnies, baby fox, baby goats, Zedonk and a camel.  The Zedonk (also called a Zonkey)  is a mixture of a zebra and a donkey. Don't know that I had ever seen one before. I was amazed we were able to pet the camel. The like triangle part on upper nose is soooo soft. Only thing that would have been better was to touch the tiger!!

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  1. I wondered what Zonkey looked like and now I know! Love the legs!!