Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snowflake Trifold

Happy Wednesday! I have not done a trifold in a long time....I think the last one I did was a couple years ago and I had done a trifold birthday card for our Fab 5 Design Team with a hole and a cupcake dangling in the denter.  We get so used to doing the standard A2 that we forget all the cool designs our there. Challenge yourself to do a different fold this week.

This paper is in our wedding section but since we were on a marathon to get a ton of Christmas projects done for our Extravaganza this past weekend.....I spotted it and instantly thought swirling snow. And the rest is history. You could flip it and do it as a wedding invite as well...haha...the obvious. Or use the cool white glittery patterns in the wedding section for the base of your winter cards.

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