Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet Clyde ~ our 1st PT Adoption Kitty

 I am soooo excited to have been able to partner with the Eau Claire Co. Humane Assc. to be an
off-site adoption spot for kitties. We got our 1st adoptable cat Wed. Meet Clyde. He is a 6 year old
who gets along great with dogs but not other cats. He is just such a sweetheart that all of us gals here
at Picture This are loving him. Lisa created a Facebook Page just for our critters so be sure to friend the
Picture This Adoptions Tails page to keep up with all the fun.
A lot of people can not go to the shelter because it is hard to look at so many animals needing homes and pick just one so we all are excited to have this off-site spot where they can come to view just one. He is ready for his forever home. He has all his shots, is nuetered and has a microchip.
 Clyde has had a lot of visitors already but Sunday we had freezing rain so he is looking out his window at the ice covered lot and sad knowing there wouldn't be much company.
The store is closed Mondays for the winter and I have looked forward all week to being able to have Clyde back in the office with me for the day so he can be out of a cage. The poor thing has been in a cage since Sept. so we are pouring on the love and freedom til he finds his forever home.
Here he is saying hi to the store mascot....Cosmo.

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