Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cheery Lynn Lacey Pumpkin

I am suppose to be working on Christmas cards but I had to make this. I ordered in the new dies from Cheery Lynn and they arrived a week ago and I wanted to play with the die before its too late. Fall is my favorite and it always gets skipped right over since we are always doing holiday cards in full force at the store. So I just kept it super simple so I could squeeze it in today =)  The Cherry Lynn dies are sooo detailed...I love that. They work in your Cuttlbebug but I put 2-3 pieces of cardstock between the plates to get a tighter fit due to all the detail. There is also a metal adaptor plate we carry meant for use in the CB.
And yet another compnay made in the USA.  I carry over 200 different companies at Picture This and over half are American made.

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